Members of the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance include Tad Bartlett, Zach Bartlett, Arion Berger, April Blevins, Bryan Block, Joi Brozek, Sabrina CanfieldTom Carson, Emily Choate, Wayne Edelen, Dana Glass, Caroline Goetze, Liz Gruder, L. Kasimu Harris, Dave Hotstream, Susan Kagan, Helen Krieger, J.Ed. Marston, Denise Moore, Benjamin Morris, Cassie Pruyn, Keri Rachal, Matt Robinson, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, Amy Serrano, Emilie Staat, Leslie Staub, Terri Shrum Stoor, Joselyn Takacs, Janis Turk, and Susan Bennett Vallee. Individual member bios will appear on this site, as if by magic, within an unspecified but brief period of time.

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