Helen Krieger

Helen Krieger is a writer and filmmaker who moved to New Orleans in 2001. Since then she has co-founded a local newspaper, worked as a real estate agent, a research assistant, and a neighborhood association president. Her stories have won a Eureka! Short Stories Award and a Moondancer Fellowship, and been a finalist for Scriptapalooza and for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

Her stories have appeared in Janushead, and All Things Girl, and in 2007 she adapted a collection of her short stories into a narrative feature, Flood Streets. The film has been touring festivals across the country, winning awards and garnering critical reviews, and the collection of short stories that inspired it, In the Land of What Now, is available through Amazon. She’s Inspired by writers like Bukowski, Raymond Carver, and Jonathan Ames.

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