As of October 2018, the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance, originally founded in 2007, incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the quizzical state of Louisiana, and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit under the laws of the Untied Stated of America as administered by our gracious poets at the IRS. As we state it officially in our corporate documents (such a beautiful and poetic phrase, that):

The Peauxdunque Writers Alliance (“PWA”) provides for the development of the literary arts for writers of multiple genres, providing a group setting within which writers may develop new work, public opportunities for writers to share developed work with the public, and opportunities to promote appreciation of the enrichment of the literary arts among the public. The PWA accomplishes this through two modes: “Peauxdunque in the Room,” and “Peauxdunque in the World.” Peauxdunque in the Room is the group setting where members of the PWA gather in monthly meetings to share their work with each other, encourage each other, and discuss literary developments. Peauxdunque in the World are public manifestations of PWA’s mission, and include the “Yeah, You Write” reading series; public promotion of writers’ publications and performances through the PWA website and social media; publication of The Peauxdunque Review and other associated publications; and development of publicly available writing resources such as workshops, conferences, seminars, and writing competitions.

As we’ve stated it long before we had such mellifluous things as “corporate documents”: The Peauxdunque Writers Alliance is composed of poets, fiction writers short and long, songwriters, filmmakers, non-fiction writers, children’s and YA writers, visual artists, visionaries, sloths, all. The PWA was founded under the prodding of Amy Serrano and under the auspices of the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society in November 2007, and now encompasses a couple dozen writers scattered across six states (Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Michigan).

The members of the PWA, those who have published and those who will publish someday soon,* have had work win and place highly in international literary competitions, across genres, and continue to build the strength of the individual members’ work through the collective encouragement and challenge of the whole group, through intensive workshopping, shared readings, wine, liquor, food, and comradeship.

We actually like each other, too.

We make up drag queen personae and false personal histories to laugh and get at the truth of the matter, but we are very serious about words, about how they appear, how they sound, how they taste, what they mean. We drink sazeracs. One Two of our members makes the best sazeracs you will ever drink, and he has they have secrets about those sazeracs that he they shares only with members of the group.

*-In recent years, Peauxdunquians have had their work published, or it is forthcoming, in the pages and on the websites of Arcadia, AGNIThe Baltimore ReviewBitter SouthernerCallaloo, CicadaMassachusetts Review, Missouri Review, Bird’s Thumb, Chapter 16.org, Los Angeles TimesIowa Review, So To Speak, Furious SeasonThe Stockholm Review of Literature, Rappahannock Review, Florida Review, Oxford American, Double Dealer, Black Clock, GQNovella-TRicky’s Backyard, American Prospect, Apalachee Review, South Carolina Review, 94 CreationsWriting TomorrowRedividerRegarding Arts & LettersQuarterly West, The Knicknackery, and others. Check out the list of links on the sidebar of our homepage for an updated roll call on the places where Peauxdunquians publish.


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