Peauxdunque Review


The Peauxdunque Writers Alliance was formed in an alley in the French Quarter in 2007 by a multi-genre group of writers: poets, fiction writers, essayists, songwriters, filmmakers, word-tinkerers of all sorts. We each came from our individual podunks, places that may be unassuming and unknown to the greater world but that contain great truths and great fuckeduppedness that can inform and give birth to expression as important as any other. Since we joined together into a collective grander podunk in this New Orleans space, we dubbed our new home “Peauxdunque.” Over the years, we grew as writers and spread our growing numbers across seven states (and counting): Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, California, Tennessee, and Michigan. In 2017, our tenth year, we decided to spread Peauxdunque to the world, and began planning the launch of the Peauxdunque Review. On March 1, 2018, we announced our existence and opened to submissions for the first time.

In honor of the passing of the undisputed Queen of Peauxdunque and one of the founding members, Terri Sue Shrum, and under the initiative of founding Editor-in-Chief Larry Wormington, the Peauxdunque Review was born, a place to express through editorial vision and contributors’ stories the grandness of small podunks within the Greater Conversation. Whether your podunk is a small town in Alabama, middle-of-nowhere-Indiana, a working-class block of slab-houses in New Orleans East, piney-wooded East Texas, a Tennessee hill or holler, or an Atlanta apartment house, send us your expression to the world. We will respect your worlds and your words. Click here to visit the Review‘s website and learn how to submit.