Peauxdunque at Petit Jean …

Before the summer gets away, a brief word about and some pictures from the fantastic experiences of several Peauxdunque members at the first annual Oxford American Summit for Ambitious Writers. Put on by the fabulous folks at the Oxford American, the Summit selected a group of around 75 writers from across the country for a week of intensive workshopping and insightful lectures. Among the inaugural class were a few Peauxdunquians – Maurice Ruffin, Terri Stoor, J.Ed. Marston, Tad Bartlett, and Emily Choate.

The experience was all words, all the time, even during times of whiskey and wine. It was, to put it bluntly, Earth-shifting. And beautiful. And inspiring. Here are some great photos by the OA‘s Nicholas Pippins and Carol Ann Fitzgerald. Here are some more by Carol Ann.

Here are some by us:

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