We’re official.

So here we are, the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance, at 11 years old. All this time, we’ve been an unofficially confederated tribe of writers, teetering sometimes on the abyss and soaring most times toward a deep blue, wide open sky; but in the eyes of the government and all things official, invisible, non-existent. We didn’t mind that, really.

But, we interact with the world, and now we’re starting to interact with the world in official, financial sorts of ways, particularly with the advent of the Peauxdunque Review. Yesterday, we received a kind letter from the IRS, accepting the application for the Peauxdunque Writers Alliance, which we have incorporated under the laws of the realm (read: Louisiana), for 501(c)(3) non-profit status. We are a thing now, that will continue.

We will persist, like Queen Terri Sue’s tattoo. We’ve always felt a responsibility toward our mission, in our hearts and in our souls, but now that responsibility will be in our tax returns and pocketbooks, as well. Raise a toast of strong coffee to us, to everlasting officialdom and the eternal predictability of death and taxes.

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I am special counsel at Fishman Haygood LLP, focusing on appeals in all matters, as well as litigation in environmental land-damage, coastal land-loss, and complex commercial matters. I am also a writer, and I'm the managing editor of literary journal The Peauxdunque Review.

1 thought on “We’re official.

  1. My sincere good wishes to “swampytad” for mention of “Queen Terri Sue” . She so loved Peauxdunque and, especially, her “brothers”.

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