Another upcoming Peauxdunquian book release; and a year without updates

2020 has been the pits, y’all. It’s just been so hard to keep up with it all, that I, your humble Peauxdunque website custodian, have let things slide. And almost unforgivably, because this has actually been a fairly remarkable year for Peauxdunquians, with publications, nominations, book releases, all manner of writing goodness. Know that, in this, I wallow, but I’ll do that behind the scenes once more, and get right to the meat of the matter: another upcoming book release, and an attempt to catch up on all the things that have flown through our Facebook feed but been absent here.

First, in the spirit of this, the first year of our collective COVID, on this coming Tuesday, December 8, a virtual book launch for The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 12: True Stories from Around the World, with series editor and Peauxdunquian Lavinia Spalding. Joining Lavinia for the Volume 12 book launch are contributors: Eva Holland, whose essay is about survival in the Canadian arctic; Sivani Babu who wrote about returning to her grandparents’ home, a book publishing print house in Rajahmundry, India; Alia Volz who traveled to Cuba to settle a debt; and Naomi Melati Bishop, born in Indonesia, whose story is about travel on stolen tickets. Introduction by Travelers’ Tales Executive Editor, Larry Habegger. Lavinia has edited five previous editions of The Best Women’s Travel Writing. She is the author of Writing Away and the co-author of With a Measure of Grace and This Immeasurable Place, and she introduced the e-book edition of Edith Wharton’s classic travelogue, A Motor-Flight Through France. Lavinia’s work appears in such publications as Tin HouseLongreadsYoga JournalSunset, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Guardian, and has been widely anthologized.

Now, to catch up:

In the meantime, all the members of Peauxdunque have been busy as readers and editors on the second year of production for the Peauxdunque Review, putting out two beautiful issues this year, Issues 3 and 4 of the PR, under the indefatigable leadership of editor-in-chief and publisher Larry Wormington; and with the tireless work of poetry editor Nordette Adams, fiction editor Emily Choate, CNF editor April Blevins Pejic, features editor J.Ed. Marston, editorial review board member Maurice Carlos Ruffin, and managing editor, myself, Tad.

I am certain that so much has happened, I’ve left something out. It is my fault for putting myself in the position of having to dig back through folks’ Facebook entries from the year to construct this. But here’s the point, dear visitor to our fair land of Peauxdunque: I love these people. I love their words. I love their vulnerabilities. I love their strengths. I love their friendship. We have all of us discovered what is the most and of the only importance in this world amongst all of this, and I am lucky to live in this Peauxdunquian space where we are rich in all of it. From the hectic start to a hectic year, to a last dash to San Antonio for AWP, to lockdown, to Zoom meetings, to infection, to loss of employment, to moves, to labor actions, to protest, to speaking out, to marching, to organizing, to reaching out, to writing, to editing, to a quick visit sandwiched by quarantine, to hurricane near-misses and direct-hits, to an end of year coming mercifully, hopefully, and to a new year around the bend, you all have my love and my respect.

All the best, Tad, pocket-finch, founding Peauxdunquian, Peauxdunque Review managing editor.

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I am special counsel at Fishman Haygood LLP, focusing on appeals in all matters, as well as litigation in environmental land-damage, coastal land-loss, and complex commercial matters. I am also a writer, and I'm the managing editor of literary journal The Peauxdunque Review.

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