Kooy, Carson, and Pruyn publications added to the list

Another publication update for Peauxdunque denizens:

The newest Peauxdunquian, Andrew Kooy, will have his short story “Eclipse” published by Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine, at the end of October.

And our Peauxdunque-in-L.A. man of letters, Tom Carson, will have his poem “Moby Dick Joins the Circus” published in the next issue of Black Clock (though under a different title).

Also, Peauxdunque peaux-et Cassie Pruyn recently had three poems published in Issue 3 of Big Big Wednesday, which you can purchase here.

Looking forward to reading all of these! More updates soon.

Peauxdunque coming soon to a library near you

Two library events coming up featuring Peauxdunquers.

Photo credit: Kiki Whang

Photo credit: Kiki Whang

The first is this Thursday, July 9, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the East Jefferson main branch at 4747 West Napoleon, and will feature readings by Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Emilie Staat. In addition to reading from recent work, Maurice and Emilie will discuss writing, how to get involved in local writing groups, and how to get involved in writing contests.

The second is at the Rosa Keller branch of the New Orleans Public Library at 4300 South Broad Street on Thursday, July 23, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Titled “Our Own Private Peauxdunque,” the event will feature readings by Maurice, Terri S. Shrum, and Tad Bartlett. It’s being billed by the library as a 21-and-older event, and wine will be served up with the words.

Maurice, Tad, and Terri, at the final Summit dinner

Maurice, Tad, and Terri, at the final Summit dinner

Two more Peauxdunque publications!

Two new publications from Peauxdunque are forthcoming! Terri S. Shrum has a tense and beautiful story titled “Dry Dirt with Every Step,” which will come out in the second issue of The Frank Martin Review. Tad Bartlett‘s superhero counter-narrative, “Superpowerless,” will be published by The Subtopian. Keep an eye out, and as always, we’ll keep you updated on future Peauxdunque publications and readings.

Also, scroll down the sidebar on our main page to see a list of all the journals and reviews and websites where Peauxdunquians publish, and take a moment to like and follow those places on social media.

More publications, plus MFA news

Peauxdunque’s Maurice Carlos Ruffin will have two pieces published by Green Mountains Review in the coming months. GMR will feature Maurice’s story, “The Places I Couldn’t Go,” in GMR Online this summer; and will publish his story, “Jonestown,” in its Fall 2015 print issue!

In other news, this month Dana Glass and Tad Bartlett joined Maurice and April Blevins as Peauxdunque graduates from the MFA program at the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. During the CWW graduate reading and honors banquet, Dana received the Ernest and Shirley Svenson Award for fiction, and Tad was named a finalist for the Samuel Mockbee Award for non-fiction.

Tad Bartlett, Dana Glass, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, with fellow CWW writer Phinnie Zahareas, at the 2015 CWW Graduate Honors Banquet

Tad Bartlett, Dana Glass, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, with fellow CWW writer Phinnie Zahareas, at the 2015 CWW Graduate Honors Banquet

Bartlett and Staat publications

Three more forthcoming publications are imminent from the land of Peauxdunque. Tad Bartlett has learned that his short story, “Tree Houses,” will be published online by The Carolina Quarterly; and that his short story, “Addressing You,” will be published in the Spring 2015 issue of Euphony Journal.

Meanwhile, Emilie Staat will have her short-short, “Ought,” published in the Like a Girl ‘zine, a “pre-show” preview of the Lucid Moose anthology.

Keep an eye out for further Peauxdunque updates!

Pruyn publishing new poems

Peauxdunque poet Cassie Pruyn has a whole host of new poem publications forthcoming! Her poem, “Flaneur on Royal Street, New Orleans,” will be published in Blue Lyra Review’s 2016 print anthology. “The House on Tator Hill” is slated to be published by Lunch Ticket, out of Antioch University in Los Angeles, in its Summer/Fall 2015 issue. And Cassie’s current run of publications will also see “Flaneur in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1” published in the Los Angeles Review in Fall 2015, issue 18! In addition, Cassie has a review scheduled to post at 32 Poems very soon.

Fantastic work by Cassie, appearing all over the place, so keep your eye out!